When companies build software with the help of in-house developers or remote developers, conventionally handling and managing the team and project simultaneously is a hard nut to crack. A few errors or communication gaps lead to chaos and sometimes project failure. This is not healthy for the company as it discourages the development team and makes the client unhappy.  
The project management software is the best solution that enables the project manager to set deadlines, schedule and assign tasks, and the team to stay updated with everything related to the project.  

What is project management software?

Project management software provides all the tools to the project managers, teams, and stakeholders that facilitate planning, execution, and control over the project. It improves the clarity around milestones and accountability so that team members won’t miss the task deadlines. With everything organized, the project management tool keeps the team sailing the same boat as every member knows what’s going on and what they are expected to do next.  

The repetitive task automation saves a lot of time for project managers and allows them to focus on important value-added activities. The improved visibility into what team members doing enables effective project progress tracking.  

Which are the essential features of Project Management Software?

Having the right project management software is necessary to make its purpose served. It must include all the features required to plan project tasks, monitor project progress, and track performance. Here’s the list of features that your PMS should have. 

  • Plan the goals and milestones easily

Before the software development project rolled on the development floor, the project manager planned how the software will be developed in parts. The project goals are set with milestones defined by outlining small tasks and due dates to complete. The Schedule, Gantt Chart, and Calendar features allow the project manager to plan everything while sitting with the team so that no team member has overdosed on work and the capabilities of each of them are utilized to the fullest.  

  • Task management

The project is divided into multiple manageable tasks that are assigned to different developers in a way that gets the project completed before the deadline. Task management allows project managers to assign various tasks to the developers along with a few instructions to get them completed before the deadline. The feature makes it clear who is responsible for completing the tasks and by when. The best project management software with recurring task feature resolve task mismanagement issues effortlessly.  

  • Resource management

Making the right people perform the tasks with all the resources available at the right time enables the project to be completed before the deadline. The project management software features resource management that gives insights into which developers are working on which tasks and how long it takes to complete the same.  

It gives a clear idea of no developer is overworked or underworked with optimal task allocation and resource management. Therefore, the best project management software with recurring task features has become a need of the hour. 

  • Collaboration 

Providing an open communication channel to the developers and team to communicate regarding the project progress and share the required documents. The real-time communication and data flow give clarity on current work progress. Also, using @mention, the team members can straight comment on a task to provide feedback on what needs to be done. The best Agile Project Management Software always facilitates smooth communication to improve productive interactions and that boost collaboration.  

  • Central dashboard

The dashboard showcases the project progress report of every project that the project manager is handling. The manager can get an overview of each project including the real-time data of each sub-task, that is supposed to be completed by the developers. When the developers are behind schedule, the time and resource allocation and deadlines are adjusted accordingly. The visual representation of project performance makes it easy to assess the progress. 

  • Time tracking

The project manager also needs to keep tabs on the developers whether they are completing the tasks within a predefined time or not. It’s essential to check because if the build time extends, it ultimately impacts the deadline. It improves the developers’ accountability towards the project; thus, time tracking keeps the project development time and budget under control.  

  • Documents and project files

The Best Project Management Software in 2022 makes communication stellar by facilitating documents, files, spreadsheets, and image sharing. The project management tool not only enables document sharing but organizes the documents and project files in folders that make them easily accessible. The date and time at which they are modified by the developers are also get saved, which gives up-to-date details about the documents such as when it’s shared and updated by anyone.    

  • Feedback management

The project, when developed using agile methodology, requires the approval of sprints after every 15 days from the clients to ensure that team is moving ahead in the right direction. The best Agile Project Management Software makes the proofing and feedback management task easier. It helps in automating the review process where the tasks are sent to the clients for their feedback, which further speeds up the approval times.   

  • Project Views

The project managers can view the project progress in different types of views such as Calendar view, task list, timeline, or Kanban board that are facilitated by some of the Best Agile Project Management Software. It makes visualizing or previewing the performance easy.  

  • Seamless integrations

The project management tool is not a separate entity for the company. Instead, the project management is linked with various systems, and smooth integration of project management software prevents a lot of back-and-forth from one system to another (CRM, accounting, document management, and slack). The Best Project Management Software in 2022 ensures seamless integration with existing systems and tools without much ado.  



Summing it up

With good know-how for ins and outs of the best project management software with recurring task management, it’s easy to identify a good fit for the company. The right software eliminates the extra efforts that the project manager and team need to put in for the project’s success. Ensure your PMS has all the before-mentioned features that make it the best Project Management Software in 2022 and allow you to reap the expected benefits.