When we talk about scaling up a business, we always think about taking the big decisions, planning precisely and involving bigger tasks and bigger executions. What we never emphasize enough upon is the regular, routine & day-to-day tasks that need to be optimized and organized.

Without an organized task structure, you end up losing a lot of time in delays and waiting. Your teams also work parallel but without any synchronization. This becomes even more important when you have multiple team members working from different locations around the world, which in today’s times is a very common phenomenon.

Challenges for Unorganized Organizations

When you work without a proper sync, you risk being inefficient. You may have a goal and the plan to achieve that, but if you don’t use a central system, the growth of your company becomes stagnant at one point. Here are some of the most commonly faced challenges for organizations that do not use a task management tool.

Delay in Communication

All your communication methods are typical and outdated. Most of them are not instant and in real time. This leads to delays in communication. A piece of vital information that should reflect every team’s objective takes days and multiple platforms to reach to everyone. This delays key decision making and there is a massive risk of miscommunication.

Lack of Analytics

All your data is manually stored. This makes it difficult for you to make reports and derive key statistics that help you strategize further. You have to manually churn out reports and still you can’t apply filters and have reports based on specific categories instantly. Apart from the dependency on human effort, there is also a chance of error and inaccuracy among your manual reports.

Reporting and Tracking

Reporting for and tracking of your employees is a key practice to optimize their performances. There are multiple channels through which this process is done traditionally. You cannot automate the tracking of your employees and their tasks without a tasks tracking software. You also have to depend on the employee inputs to confirm their reporting and do not have sophisticated tools to verify that.

Slower and Inaccurate Decision Making

Due to dependency on human efforts to prepare reports and track tasks, it takes time to come to a conclusion. Moreover, the information at your disposal is not thorough and does not have niche categorization either. This gives you very little to make a profound decision. As a result of that, you make inaccurate decisions, which are often chasing the trends rather than being ahead of them.

One apt solution to these problems is adopting a task management system. This software uses artificial intelligence and cloud computing to make the execution of your tasks easier and avails key information almost instantly over cloud storage. Let us learn more about what these software’s are all about.

What a Task Management Software?

A task management software or system is a tool that organizes and streamlines every aspect of a task. This includes reporting, tracking, data processing, contact sharing, communication, prioritizing, etc. It is different to a project management system in which broader aspects of a whole project are covered. Both tools though share many common features.

This software runs on cloud computing and is available across devices to everyone involved in a task. The user interface of this system is extremely simple. This system uses artificial intelligence to process data and a cloud storage that avails key analytics in real time. Apart from that, there is also a common communication platform for everyone involved in a task.

Benefits of Using a Task Management System

Modern day task management systems come with a range of features that improve your workflows, fasten your project timeline and boost your overall efficiency. They do that, as iterated earlier, with the help of a fast-performing software that uses AI and cloud computing.

Here are some of the best benefits of using a task management tool.


A mere task of collecting relevant data from different departments and different teams and keeping a track of all of it becomes tedious and invites fatal errors. With the help of automation on these systems, you can simplify complex tasks which are repetitive in nature.

Apart from automated data feeding, many other processes like assigning & prioritizing tasks are done with the help of automation. Based on the input, data is automatically processed, and report generation is instantly done. This helps you avail critical information with detailed analytics almost instantly with the help of these automated systems.


A standard process management software would have a common platform of communication for all the members involved in the task. This platform is often a group chat with features like replying individually, notifying a mention, etc as standard. This helps create a transparent communication channel in which everyone can remain updated about the proceedings and there is no delay in communication.

Apart from group conversations, other vital means of communication like assigning a task, notifying an update to an assignee or reporting & tracking of a task and an employee becomes very convenient with the help of these tools.


These systems have default features to store the data synchronously. This makes it very easy to fetch the data you want and send it to the concerned individual or team. It also has built-in tools to analyze the data and present it in the form of reports. These reports help you understand various facets of the business.

This analysis also happens internally for your own processes. This helps you understand which aspect of your business needs more attention. You can analyze the performances of an employee, a product, a campaign, a team or even a set of your consumers from various points of views.


These tools also act as a task tracking software. Tracking a task, a team or an individual and analyzing the performances are very easy with the help of these tools. You can have a real time access to all the proceedings of your tasks through a central system.

You can also track multiple tasks concurrently and see the progress in real time. This boosts productivity and helps you understand the workflow better. You can take action and prevent an error by forecasting it with the help of the tracking tools.

Allows Remote Work

Without a centralized system, you are very much dependent on your human resources to manage the teams and their respective tasks. This makes it impossible for someone to work with you with a remote setting. But with the smart tracking tools, a common place to communicate and to share data, it is possible to hire someone who works remotely.

With the help of these task management systems, you can avail the same resources to everyone in the team, regardless of where they are located. These systems are accessible through mobile devices and work on cloud, making it very easy for remote employees to work on a task with the same approach.

Task Delegation

When you scale your business, there are multiple tasks you need to perform simultaneously. Without a system and a bird’s eye view of the tasks, you will never be able to prioritize your tasks. These smart tools that work as process management software make the overall management of different processes easy for you, allowing you to focus where you should.

Based on the relevance, urgency and progress of these tasks, you can reassign the priorities and update the members instantly about it. Apart from that, onboarding new team members, briefing them and collaborating them with the rest of the team also gets very easy with the help of these tools.

You just have to try these tools to realize the difference. From task assignment to tracking and execution, everything becomes vastly different when you work on a management tool. The level of productivity, organization and availability of detailed intelligent reports will surprise you. Get in touch with a consultancy today to streamline your business and to smartly organize your tasks.

Have a look at the following four ways by which these management systems are able to help your business.

·       AI:  Artificial intelligence makes all the tiring repetitive work easy and fast. It also understands the data and offers intelligent output in the form of reports and suggestions.

·       Cloud:  All the processing of the software along with the data storage is done with the help of cloud computing. This makes it possible for the tool to run smoothly without any interruption and avails all the vital data to everyone in real time anywhere in the world.

·       UI:  The use interface of these systems is so easy and convenient to use that anyone can use it. The uncluttered layouts and simplified use experience of these software make them accessible to all.

·       Customized:  Lastly, you can customize the system based on the needs of your business with the help of the partnered consultants. Everything from the dashboard to the criteria of the reports can be customized.

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Unorganized tasks and their execution can slow down the growth of your business. This also acts as a roadblock for your business to scale. For new businesses, it is always better to adapt to a system or a piece of technology very early in their journey. This makes them familiar with the system before they are overwhelmed and creates a robust system that drives their business. Don’t wait by the sides with apprehensions. Make a move today and call a tech service provider to get a customized task management system for your business.